Balkan Accordion (PDF Book 1)

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PDF book "Harmonika Balkana / Balkan Accordion 1"
Sheet music and notation: Vlada Veselinovic

PDF Book Balkan Accordion by Vlada Veselinovic

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Book description:
Sheet music for melodies composed and performed by great artists and masters of the accordion. These selected compositions contain all the stylistic elements of the Balkans folk music, precisely and accurately transcribed. All ornaments are marked in small notes along with the main note, so that there is no confusion about the performance of the ornamentation. The fingering for piano accordion is marked above each note is recorded. Complete harmony is also marked.

CONTENTS: Valjevsko sitno (T. Miljic), Majdanska Vlajna (S. Bozinovic), Hora Lui Andrei (L. Nika), Ilindensko oro (T. Miljic), Metodijevo kolo (J. Petkovic), Srbijanski cacak (C. Ljubenovic), Vlaski pojas (S. Bozinovic), Maradonka kolo (T. Miljic), Serbian dance (B. Prodanovic), Milankino kolo (Lj. Radosavljevic), Severnjacko kolo (I. Lolov), Jelino kolo (M. A. Kemis).


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School of Balkan Folk Music for Accordion

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Author: Vlada Veselinović, Language: English, Book size: A4, 144 pages.
Textbook for learning how to play and improve the technique of playing Balkan folk music on the accordion + sheet music for the 31 kolo and oro songs from the Balkans.

Book School of Balkan Folk Music for Accordion by Vlada Veselinovic

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At a time when music literature is gasping for breath, VladaVeselinovic's "School of Balkan Folk Music for Accordion" is a true breath of fresh air, a meticulous study of the ever-popular subject of PERFORMANCE OF TRADITIONAL FOLK MUSIC OF THE BALKANS. Over the course of several large chapters, the author of the book explains in great detail the essential elements of playing Balkan styles in folk music on accordion. This book is the first one that offers a comprehensive analysis of the techniques used by the greatest accordion masters in performance and interpretation of Balkan melodies. All concepts explained here are illustrated by examples and selected exercises. This school also has a unique list covering all the musical ornaments used in Balkan folk music. The list includes over 50 ornaments used in Serbian (Å umadija), Bulgarian, Macedonian, Romanian and Vlach music, illustrated and explained through practical examples of melody ornamentation. In addition, there are also pre-practice exercises and technical exercises for the ornaments that are indispensable in preparing for the interpretation of folk music. All the rhythms encountered in Balkan folk music are presented and explained, as well as details of proper performance on bass keys on accordion (left hand), starting with simple time signatures (2/4, 3/4), then more complex rhythms (oriental, rumba, sa-sa) all the way to mixed meters, characteristic of the music of Macedonia, Bulgaria and southern Serbia (5/16, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 13/8, 18/8 etc.).

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The compositions with musical notation featured in this book are mandatory musical literature for every accordion player. Some of these compositions, such as the traditional kolo songs, due to their great popularity, have been performed in countless versions, and here they are featured in arrangements considered by the author as the most interesting to those who follow this school. Sheet music is recorded with detailed ornamentation (ornaments are noted in small notes), complete fingering for piano accordion and noted harmony.

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This book can be used by beginners (with the prerequisite of having at least basic musical literacy), but also by musicians who already play and want to upgrade and refine their technique and knowledge.

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